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Nature Cures

(c) Forest Ang

Herbal plants are the main source of products for natural cures. Traditional medicine has for centuries used the preparation of the active constituents of these herbal plants for treatment of diseases and ailments.

Nature has the means to cure any ailments. It needs a medicine man to act on it. Medicine men go by many names – natural therapists, naturopathies, sinsehs, bomohs or witches – they all depend on plants. Man has embarked on modern cures – fast and easy! They invented drugs. But there have been many setbacks as in the side effects. Go for chemotherapy and you will sure suffer hair drop! This is the side effect of chemotherapy.

It has been proven that traditional herbs can coexist with drugs and medicines. These subjects have been challenged by many modern practitioners. However, the emergent of China and her natural cures of traditional medicines and acupunctures and the like have widened the world’s perspectives.

Whether you want to believe or otherwise, I am a strong believer of nature cures. Personally, when I suffered from tonsillitis, several ENT specialists recommended an operation. Instead of getting on the operation table, I chose traditional herbs. Today, I still have my tonsil.

Click on some of the herbs that are commonly found at wayside. The herbs are there because God has created a cheap source of natural medicines for mankind. We only need to reap them.


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