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Common Vernonia

(c) Forest Ang

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Scientific name : Vernonia cinerea
Malay name : Rumput Tahi Babi, Rumput Sepagi
Chinese name : ?

...for boils, skin problem and "dirty" blood....

Height : Up to a meter.
Distinguish Features : Bluish flower head turn white when ripe. Seeds propogate by wind.
Found : On wasteland and roadsides. Common everywhere in Penang.
Commercial: Unknown.

Having problem with boil? Do you have "dirty" blood? Some people will have problem if they consume food that they are allegic. For some, eating prawn can caused itchness or skin eruption to boils on their body. To the western medicine, these problems are caused by the protein in the food. In chinese medicine, these problems are related to our blood. In order to treat these skin problems, we have to clean our blood of these "impurities".

For those without any skin problems then be aware about our modern day food. Our food contains chemicals including insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides. We need to clean all these chemical from our body. And a sure, best and cheap way of doing that is to drink the herbal drink of Common Vernonia.

There was a story about how a suicide victim who tried to commit suicide by drinking weedkiller. Common vernonia were collected, pound and its juice was given to the victim. Suprisingly, the victim recovered.

Use For : Boils, skin problems, skin eruption, heatiness in blood, detoxing
1. Break/cut the herb (whole plant) into smaller pieces.
2. Put the herb into a pot and cover with enough water.
3. Boil with low flame for 4 hours.
4. Drink it when cool.

1. For boils, drink everyday until the boils disappear.(usually in about 2 weeks)
2. For normal person, drink a cup every week.

Precautions :
Common Vernonia is commonly found on road side. Make sure you collect the herb that are not spray with weedkiller. Wash thoroughly or soak with water to clean it from roadside pollution.



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