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Cat's Whiskers

(c) Forest Ang

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Scientific name : Orthosiphon aristatus
Common name : Cat's whiskers
Local name : Misai Kucing

...for diabetes....

Height : Up to a meter.
Distinguish Features : White or purple with whiskers like features.
Found : Usually planted as ornamental/garden herb.
Commercial: Available in teabags.
Properties: Contain active compound that can be used to treat high blood pressure and kidney stones (during early stages). Has diuretic effect when taken, it can remove excess salt in the body.

Use For : Diabetes / Highblood Pressure or Hypertension
1. Use ONLY the leaves.
2. Preferably dried leaves.
3. Pour boiling water onto a cup with the leaves.
4. Drink the light golden colored tea when cool.

Always Take Good Care of your health!
Forest Ang



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