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Asiatic Pennywort

(c) Forest Ang

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Scientific name : Centella asiatica
Common name : Asiatic pennywort
Local name : Pegaga

...for heatiness and blood purifying....

Height : Creeping plant found on ground.
Distinguish Features : Green edged leaves shaped like heart.
Found : Indigenous to the warmer regions of both hemispheres, especially abundant in the swampy areas, wasteland and roadsides.
Use : Whole plant including the roots.
Commercial: Canned drink and capsules.
Other information : There are several species of Pennywort. They come in different sizes and some don't have edged leaves.

Pennywort helps bladder, spleen and stomach. A decoction of this herb is used for the treatment of heatiness, colds, sunstroke, tonsilitis, pleurisy, urinary tract infections, infectious hepatitis, jaundice, and dysentery. Also used as a mild antidote for poisoning and toxic intake. Externally the poultice can be used to remedy swelling, heat and injury.

Generally, pennywort is used to purify the blood inorder to remedy the other illness. It also helps to improve memory.

How To Use:

For High blood pressure : Boil several plants and drink the soup.
For longevity : Eat the leaves raw with meal.
For heatiness : Blend the whole plant, press and drink the juice.



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